Alikei snowpaw

Alikei's basic look

Alikei was born and raised within the human kngdom of Gilneas. After the Second War, Gilneas shut itself off from the rest of Azeroth. During this time, crops began to die. A group of Gilneans pleaded with the spirits of nature, and essentially became Druids, enabling them to heal the crops.

Alikei was a novice among these fledging druids when the Worgen attacked. Hundreds were bitten, Alikei included, and in that first night of enduring the curse, he left Gilneas and ran north.

After wandering through the Alterac Mountains for a few days in his new cursed body, Alikei began to give up hope of surviving the harsh winter, and prepared for death. Luckily, the nearby Frostwolf Clan, made up of Orcs, found the suffering Worgen, and took him to their shelter. The Shaman of the Frostwolves saw the Worgen for what he was, yet did not kill him. The Orcs offered to train the son of Lo'Gosh, or Goldrinn, in return for his help in hunting. While he used his newfound senses to hunt, Alikei began to learn to fight as the Orcs did as well.

Eventually, Alikei departed from the Orc's company, promising to keep their location secret. After hearing stories from the Orcs about a land across the sea known as Kalimdor, he desired to go there. The Orcs had told him that there were Druids there as well known as the Cenarion Circle who would surely take up a new novice, despite his condition. Alikei set off for Southshore to the southwest, but was ambushed by a group of cowardly Undead hiding in the shadows. As he was knocked uncoscious by an undead, he thought for sure that now he would finally die.

Alikei awoke to strangely familiar howls echoing throughout the forest, causing the Undead to scatter. A passing group of feral Worgen inspected what the Undead had begun eating, and saw it was another Worgen. Eagerly, they brought Alikei to the master at Shadowfang Keep where Arugal kept him imprisoned for 3 years, causing Alikei to lose all memories of the outside world, and even the knowledge of what he had once been. Finally, he was given a chance to escape when a group of heroes raided the keep, and headed to slaughter Arugal.

Sprinting wildly on all fours away from the place of his imprisonment, Alikei headed once more for Southshore, and managed to hide himself away on a boat headed for what he hoped was Kalimdor. Leaning back, weary from 3 whole years of brutal torture, Alikei laid his head against a wooden crate, and began to sleep, unknowingly reverting to his human form for the first time since he had been bitten.

Alikei awoke to find himself in Theramore, being awakened by a guard with a kind smile, as i he somehow understood all poor Alikei had gone through. The guard let Alikei off with a warning, and after giving him a piece of his own food ration, sent him on his way, warning him to stay out of trouble. Alikei had no desire to remain in the human city, having it remind him too much of Gilneas, only instead of being surrounded on 3 sides by a giant wall, it was surrounded by ocean. Once he wandered out of the city and into the nearby marsh, he returned to his Worgen form, not quite understanding how he did, and began to run. Alikei ran for hundreds of miles through the Barrens, the Warsong Gulch, and into Ashenvale where he eventually collapsed from exhaustion. He awoke to find himself among other Worgen. Unlike Arugal's worgen, these werent mindless slaves, but neither were they truly human, as he had once been. They agreed to let Alikei rest with the pack for a few days, but he would have to leave after that. He was too internally different to truly fit in with these Worgen. Once he had rested, he bade his odd 'brethren' farewell, and began running through the area known only as Felwood.

Alikei travelled all the way through Felwood, sensing the very wrongness with the flora there. He felt quite disoriented by the time he stumbled into the relatively peaceful area known as Winterspring. He decided to make his home in Winterspring, since their was prey to hunt, fierce wild blue dragonkin to kill, and locals he could chat with when he felt like it. Eventually word of what he was got out, but the local goblins and gnomes didnt fear him as long as he only approached their settlement in the daylight, and in human form. Alikei waited in Winterspring, not knowing for what, but he knew it would be important. He also knew that one day, soon, he would have to return to Gilneas. It was a gut feeling.

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