Shadow Fang...Edit

Shadow Claw, once known as Shadow Fang, is possibly the darkest Worgen alive. Having once been a "brother" to White Fang, Shadow Fang took over control of the Sons of Goldrinn when White Fang departed to Northrend, seeking something important. Shadow Fang, having once been a successful human rogue, once more practiced his art, and taught many of the Sons of Goldrinn when he was in charge. A band of about 30 other Worgen, all darker colored, began practicing the other aspect of all Rogues, killing. Shadow Fang led his little pack on a raid of a nearby Gilnean settlement, one that had just come from the city not more than 2 weeks earlier. Shadow Fang's pack had killed or turned every settler in the little village. The other members of the Sons of Goldrinn didnt like this, since most of them were from Gilneas, they didnt want to see more kinsmen turned into savage beasts. Eventually, Shadow Fang renamed himself Shadow Claw, and many others who followed him changed their names to end with Claw as well. Those who wanted to serve under White Fang remained Fangs, others changing their names to have Fang in it.

The Invasion...Edit

Two visible factions were splitting from the Sons of Goldrinn, the Fangs and the Claws, and it was only a matter of time before they began fighting. Before they could start however, the Forsaken began their assault on Gilneas. The Sons helped turn the tide of the ground battles several times, more often than not convincing the Worgen fighting to join them. The Fangs and the Claws grew larger. As Shadow Claw led the Sons of Goldrinn against the Undead, the petty rivalries between the Fangs and the Claws seemed to all but evaporate. They fought as one pack, striking fear into the unbeating hearts of the Forsaken whenever they charged their line. For days the fighting went on, until many of the native Gilneans had fled for Darnassus. Only the Sons of Goldrinn remained behind to fight for their land to the bitter end. At first, Shadow Claw saw they were starting to turn the tide against the Forsaken. That was when the plague was released. Instead of dying, what the plague was created to do, the Sons of Goldrinn grew more feral, savage, and unleashed their savageness on the Undead. Eventually, they were driven out by the insane Worgen, and held once more outside the Greymane Wall.

The Madness...Edit

Now, with the Forsaken driven out, and the Horde forces all but routed, the Sons of Goldrinn began to focus on inner hatreds. Tensions rose quickly. Shadow Claw, who had by far suffered the worst of the plague, began insulting the psuedo leader of the Fangs, Silver Fang. Silver Fang, usually a calm, focused hunter, raged against Shadow Claw, and eventually, a duel was called. Inside Greymane Manor, in the central chamber, Silver Fang and Shadow Claw faced eachother in a fight to the death. The division between the Sons of Goldrinn was obvious now, the Fangs on one side of the hall, the Claws on the other. Each fighter was to use only their claws for the battle, and little to no armor was worn. Silver Fang's fur gleamed in the moonlight shining through the main window as he howled his fury and charged the ominous black Worgen. What happened next led to the bloody war between the Fangs and the Claws, and would forever mark the 'liberation' of Gilneas as a dark time in the memories of those who would survive it. A glint of envenomed steel shone in the light of the moon, a gleaming dagger in the obsidian black paw of Shadow Claw. Silver Fang had run right into the dagger, Shadow Fang having kept it concealed as the silver furred Worgen charged. The Fangs howled outrage at the Claws, and the Claws simply cackled at their shouts. Although a few Claws were shocked by this foul play, they had expected it, since nobody could truly expect Shadow Claw to play by the rules. Shadow Claw gestured, and more of his loyal followers melted out of the dark, surrounding the Fangs. He pointed at their captain, Night Fang, and growled, "Leave my manor, and never return. From this day forth, those bearing the name 'Fang' are barred from entering Greymane Manor, and the city. The penalty for disobeying this law, is death." Night Fang, who had managed to regain some sense in the days after the plague was released, wisely led the remaining Fangs out of the manor. It was only when all were safely on their way down that he turned to face Shadow Claw, who stood in the doorway. In a voice for all to hear, he shouted, "White Fang shall know of this treachery, Claw. He shall not be pleased when he returns and finds youve banished half his pack!" In response, Shadow Claw cackled maniacally, and whispered, "Fine...let him come...i will be ready..." The night was filled with the victorious howls of the Claws inside the Manor, as the Fangs walked away.

A Cursed Land...Edit

The Fangs wandered for days, looking for something to hunt and eat, but all the native wildlife of Gilneas seemed to have disappeared. After two weeks of wandering hopelessly, they headed back for the Manor to beg Shadow Claw for sanctuary. Shadow Claw, perhaps feeling somewhat sorry for the Fangs who had once been like brothers, let them stay camped out behind the manor. They were given food and water, and otherwise told to behave, or die. They were little better than prisoners now. Night Fang however, had other plans. He posted sentries around the manor, keeping an eye out for the return of White Fang. He had to be coming back soon, otherwise he would return to find the savage Claws all that remained of his once proud pack. With little else to do, the Fangs sparred, and waited. Shadow Claw however, was begining to form his own plans. He had planned to eliminate the Fangs eventually, and knew hunting them down would be all but impossible. But now, they had come to him, and he was preparing his assassins to take care of the leaders. Once dead, he would attempt to turn the others to Claws. Those who refused would die. Now, all he needed to do was wait for the shipment of poison he had ordered from an undead trader arrived. He hated the Forsaken, but they had their uses, and he would use them to annihilate his enemies. All he had to do was wait.

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