The Sons of GoldrinnEdit

The Sons of Goldrinn are a group of Gilnean Worgen who have embraced their curse, rather than trying to cure it. As a result, many became mad, and nearly lost their minds. However, with recent steps taken towards finding a cure, many of the Sons of Goldrinn have since recovered from this brief madness, but are forever marked by it. Giving in to the curse made the Sons of Goldrinn forget everything. Their homes, their families, even their own names. Eventually, two larger members of the group began to try to seize control, and instead managed to start a civil war between the two factions within the Sons known as the Claws and the Fangs. The resulting war has drawn in many other worgen, not originally from the main group, and therefore not as savage. With both sides devastated from a recent massive battle, the new leaders of both the Fangs and the Claws have given out the call to the other Gilnean worgen, and to the savage, mindless worgen within the Silverpine Forest. Who will answer the call?

Requirements for joiningEdit

Latest activityEdit

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