Void Claw, known as Tira Keliana at the time, was known for her loud mouth and straight forward attitude. She was always the voice in the crowd that could start a riot with a mere sentance, nay a word! This of course did not put her on good terms with many of the people in Gilneas, her family (on her father's side) was ashamed of her. Her mother defended her, saying "She may not be right in the head, but she is a good soul...deep down..."

Tira was one of the few who dabbled in the dark magic of being a Warlock, yes she was a Mage at first but she grew tired of the magic. Finding it severely boring! Her mother encouraged the practicing of such magic.

She, like many, was hunted down by the savage Worgen that tore through the city and was bitten,many times. The Worgen that did give Tira the Curse were slaughtered, the woman having gone in a feral rage and rending the flesh of those around her. Some of the survivors may remember Tira's baying howl that seemed louder than most of the others within the city.

In her fit of unending feral rage Tira ran into the Woodland that surrounded the grand city, never seen from her friends or family again. She's presumed dead as of now, if not she will be soon.

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