Forgotten Past...Edit

The man known as Alexander Maralain woke with a dazed look in his eyes, and surveyed his surroundings. As his vision returned to him, he noticed he was in an unfamiliar forest, and for some reason, hadn’t the foggiest clue of how he got there. Standing up shakily, he tried to recall other things, like his parents, he found he could not. Finally, he was shocked into full alertness when he realized he didn’t even know his own name. He looked down at his ragged clothes and saw they had once been finely tooled leather, but there were gashes in several parts of his hauberk and legguards. Oddly enough, the skin visible underneath the gashes was fine; there was no evidence of scarring. Deciding that he needed to find civilization, as well as food and shelter, the man began walking towards what he hoped was the west. He knew there were little to no forests on the continent known as Kalimdor, at least none like the one he was in, so he hoped he was somewhere in the Eastern Kingdoms, most likely the Silverpine Forest. Heading west meant finding the sea, and hopefully, civilization. Without warning, the forests almost serene silence was broken by a fierce howl. The man looked around fearfully for wolves, knowing he had almost no chance if he was attacked. Finding none, and altering his course to move away from the direction the howl had come from, the man walked faster towards his only hope of survival. A gleaming pair of red eyes watched him from a tall pine tree behind the man. And as he walked on, a gleaming white fanged smile shone in the night.

The Forgotten Keep...Edit

As the man walked on, he had a sinking feeling that he was not headed towards the sea, but rather further into the mainland. While this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, he knew that there were things in the Silverpine Forest best left alone. He was able to recall being told never to wander into the wood alone, and unarmed by a faceless woman he assumed was his mother. He realized he was now disobeying that very command, and grew uneasy. Finally, in the distance, the man saw the outline of a majestic looking keep, and small houses around it. Almost jumping with excitement, the man raced to what he hoped was Lordaeron in the distance. As he approached however, he quickly receded back into the shadows. This was not Lordaeron, it was too small, and upon further examination, the village outside the keep was in utter ruin. The man didn’t have a chance to exam the place further, as he heard a rustle from a nearby bush among the tree line. A man walked out of the woods, and towards the little village. Slowly, the clouds above the keep began to part, revealing a full moon. The man walking towards the keep looked up and laughed maniacally. The man still in hiding watched with horror as the other began to grow and change under the moon's light. What he became, the other human couldn't say, but it was definately not of this world. He seemed more a beast now, than a man. The beast-man let out a howl so similar to the one the man in hiding had heard previously, that he knew there had to be more than one of these creatures. Sniffing the air, the beast turned towards where the man was still hiding and growled, "Come out little human...i won’t...bite..." Slowly, the man walked out of the bushes and into the light of the moon. "Who ar-" he began to say, when suddenly he himself felt very odd. The beast, now looking more like a cross between a man and a wolf upon a closer examination moved towards the other and sniffed as a dog would. Gleaming white fangs shone in the light of the moon as the creature spoke once more, "I don’t need to bite’ve already been bitten..." the beast snarled, "But by who...i wonder. Do not fight the can’t stop it, it can never be stopped. It will fight you until you give in to it..." The man fell to his hands and knees, growling and screaming in pain. A dazed thought came to him: get away from the light... but he realized his legs would no longer obey him. He felt his body grow stronger, taller, bigger. He felt if he stood at full height he would overshadow the beast-man easily. Looking at his hands, they began to grow clawed, and without warning, were covered by fur. White fur. The beast-man snarled at this change, and crouched low to attack. " were bitten by him...quite an honor...too bad you won’t live to enjoy it!" The beast-man lunged, but the no longer human man had already changed completely. Vaguely, he realized he had become something akin to what the other had. His instincts kicked in as the other lunged at him, sending the two snarling to the ground. The white beast-man jumped up from his struggle and into the air. The human part of his mind noticed that this was higher than most birds flew, and wondered if he would survive the landing. Feeling the strength in his new legs, he had no doubt he would land fine, as he began to fall earthwards once more. The other beast was up now, several deep gashes were drawn across his chest, and dark red blood fell from them. Enraged, the beast charged the white one, only to find himself choking in his grasp. The human within the white beast suddenly regained control of his actions, and a voice in his subconscious whispered Now...kill him... The human refused by shaking his wolfish head. He tried responding in the same way his subconscious had. I can’t. Not like this. There is no honor is killing a worthy foe in this manner...I’ll give him a chance to fight. He didn’t receive a response, which the human assumed meant 'go ahead', and dropped the other beast. The other one looked up at him with confused red eyes, and snarled. The human let out a deep growl, and found himself a little frightened by it. It did not sound like something of this world. The other beast flattened its ears, then laid before the large white one. In a low whimper it spoke, "You have spared me...for that my life is yours mighty with it what you will." The white beast's eyes gleamed a bright red. "I have some questions for you..." it said, grabbing the other by the neck with one claw, and dragging him to one of the ruined buildings by the foot of the keep.

The Curse...Edit

"First..." the white beast said to the darker one whom he had thrown on the floor, "What am i? I feel...power unlike anything i could’ve imagined...but at the same time i feel my body is not my own..." The other beast laughed, sounding like a combination of a human laugh and a bark. "You've never heard of the Worgen? What kind of barn were you raised in pup..." The white Worgen snarled at the insult, "This "pup" just beat your words in my presence scum! What are...Worgen?" The other beast realized the white one was serious, and began to explain. "The Worgen... nobody knows what we truly are. Whether were demons from another dimension, or souls damned once our bodies are bitten, either way, we will be seen as monsters. Recently, I’ve been able to control the change from human to has allowed me to enter human towns easily, but as soon as the moon rises, the beast comes out regardless. If anyone were to truly see us...we would be killed." The white one pondered this. "You said Worgen are created from humans who have been bitten? Why not infect everybody, why not become something greater?" The other Worgen looked at the white one. "Your mad!" he cried, "We should let this curse die with us! You are new to it; you know not the pain of forcing yourself not to succumb to the hunger of the wolf would doom our race by allowing this to spread..." The white one grew tired of the other now. He knew what he was, and he knew he had to make everyone feel this power. Only then, could he lead them. Focusing on the smaller, darker furred Worgen, the white one snarled and raised his massive claw, "Your usefulness has ended, i see no reason to keep one such as yourself alive...a pity, you could have been a great leader..." The white Worgen brought his claw down in a slashing motion right across the other's chest. The night was spattered with the blood of one of the few semi-sane Worgen left in the Eastern Kingdoms. Leaping out from the ruined house, and running far away from the keep, the white Worgen let out a chilling howl that spread throughout the entire Forest. Nearby humans shrieked in fear, and the other, more savage Worgen, began to search for the one who had howled. The howl had a message for those who could understand it I am the Alpha, I am the best. I dare any to challenge me who think otherwise. The wolves of the forest, the only others who could understand the challenge, ignored it and headed north. The other Worgen eagerly sought to challenge this newcomer. It had been 10 years since the Worgen had last been led by a strong patriarch.

The Battle of Gilneas...Edit

After many savage Worgen had fallen before the white one, the ones who had not foolishly challenged him swore their alleigiance. The white one, who had taken up the name White Fang, now led his followers around the Eastern Kingdoms, gathering more and more mindless Worgen to their cause. Eventually, the pack numbered in the thousands, and White Fang knew the time had come. The time to change the secluded, unaided humans of Gilneas into Worgen had come. White Fang watched as his followers lined the rooftops of Gilneas, waiting for the signal to attack. White Fang knew his Worgen would never take Gilneas, but taking it was not what he wanted. He sought to change the entire city into powerful Worgen that only White Fang could lead. Slowly, the massive alpha prowled the rooftops of Gilneas, searching for the human who absolutely had to be changed. Then he found him. Sitting atop a proud steed, White Fang saw the monarch of Gilneas, strolling among his people. Genn Greymane had to be bitten. Otherwise, his new Worgen would be killed. Letting out the howl for attack, White Fang leapt down upon the monarch, toppling him off his horse. His bodyguards were unable to help him, since White Fang's pack had now engaged them. Clamping his jaws down on the human's neck, he met resistance from the plate armor the monarch wore. Snarling, White Fang tore off the human's helm with his claw, and sank his teeth into the now partially exposed neck. Greymane screamed in agony as the Curse of the Worgen spread through his royal blood. His mission accomplished, White Fang tried to leap away from the scene, but found himself surrounded by guards. Now was the time to reveal himself. Returning to his human form, the guards gasped as the form of the white Worgen literally fell off him like a shroud. Grinning, White Fang spoke to the bewildered men, "I am not a least, not anymore..." he saw a few of his pack Alphas sneak up from behind, "Not now that Gilneas itself has become infused with the Curse of Goldrinn..." His Alphas sank their jaws into the necks of the humans, and White Fang then gave the howl to retreat. With most of the Worgen were caught up in a frenzy, many didn’t try to listen. They would die. White Fang and a few of his Alphas that had managed to pull themselves from the bloodlust followed him out of the city, and into the forest. Now, all he had to do was wait.

The Sons of Goldrinn...Edit

Slowly, as the Gilneans began to find that nearly the entire city had been cursed, their greatest scientists began trying to find a cure. White Fang brought his Alphas, who had since recovered some part of their minds, and were able to take human forms as well. They were all given the "cure" which ultimately failed. If anything, it made them stronger, and able to control the beast within better. White Fang became a sort of legend around the ruined city, gathering the strongest, smartest, and bravest Worgen he could. Unknown to everyone else, White Fang had gained some of his memory from the "cure". He called upon his old childhood friends, glad to see that they had survived his assault. Eventually, White Fang had gathered over a hundred vicious Worgen, all who were being trained to control the beast, unleashing it whenever they had to. White Fang's own inner wolf had become quieter since he had taken the failed cure. Worried, White Fang left control of the entire pack in the reliable claws of his brother, who had survived the attack, and had been bitten by White Fang himself. His brother had taken the name Shadow Fang, for he only struck from the shadows, after White Fang had engaged their enemies. Their enemies were in fact, the vile Forsaken, trying, and strategically failing, to take Gilneas for the Horde. Now that Shadow Fang had control of the pack, he began training the elite fighters to hide in the shadows as he did, slaying whoever Shadow Fang deemed necessary to slay. Many within the pack however, disagreed with Shadow Fang's rule, believing that White Fang wouldn’t have slaughtered as Shadow Fang's elite had. They all agreed something had to be done. And so began the beginning of the Split between the Sons of Goldrinn...

The Inner Wolf...Edit

White Fang, blissfully unaware of the trouble brewing in Gilneas, had traveled to Northrend. He didn’t know why, but he felt something was calling to him. Wandering from the Alliance port, he eventually found himself deep inside the wasteland known as the Dragonblight. White Fang wandered the wastes, hunting the few mammoths that lived in the graveyard in his powerful Worgen Form. Finally, he came upon an excavation site, and saw what someone had been trying to excavate. The half-revealed skeleton of an enormous creature sat in the middle of the site. Jumping down into the pit, White Fang approached the massive skeleton, and slowly reached out a claw to touch it. Shocked, he saw that his claw had changed back into his human hand. Trying his other hand, it too turned back to its original state. Pulling his hands away however, they grew hairy once more, and his claws sprouted again. Sharper this time. "Wondrous, isn't he?" a voice spoke from behind White Fang. The Worgen turned to see who had spoken, and found himself face to face with a gold eyed elf. The wolf within White Fang suddenly stirred, as it recognized the age and wisdom of the being before it. The elf, clad in a red ROBE, reached out a hand, and placed it upon the Worgen's head. The Worgen gasped, as he saw the elf's life flash before his eyes, and that’s when he realized this was no elf, but a Dragon!

White Fang saw history through the Dragon's eyes, history that had long since been forgotten. It was almost enough to overwhelm his mind. Finally, the dragon removed his hand from the Worgen's head and smiled kindly. "You are destined for great things mortal, and your line is destined for more glory still. Yes, your name shall live on through the generations of your family, as well as your curse." The dragon turned and began to transform, wings sprouting from his back, "Just remember young Fang, what is viewed as a curse by some, can be used as a gift by many." White Fang changed by his encounter, got on all fours and began sprinting towards the Alliance port he had arrived from. He saw the Dragon, a mighty red, with an impressive crest running all the way to its tail, fly and land on the top of an ancient looking temple. Sprinting by, White Fang felt the wolf within him stir once again, wanting to break free. Running faster than he ever had before, White Fang finally tripped and crashed hard into the ground, somewhere in the Grizzly Hills. Letting out a chilling howl, White Fang doubled over in agony as he grappled with the wolf inside him.


As White Fang's howl echoed through the Grizzly Hills, another Worgen rose from its slumber. Twice the size of White Fang, but the same color, the Worgen, a complete harmony of human mind and wolf spirit, raced towards the howl. The elder Worgen knew who had unleashed it, and what it meant. His son had returned home at last, and right as the wolf within him began to fight its restraints. The elder Fang arrived at the top of a hill, and saw his offspring struggling on the ground. Pausing, the elder Fang waited for the right moment. His timing had to be perfect, if his son was to overcome the beast within, and become one with it.

One with the Wolf...Edit

As White Fang fought more and more, he suddenly wondered why do i fight it? He looked the wolf in his mind's eyes, linking the two mentally. In his mind, White Fang saw his inner wolf, a massive white beast, the very embodiment of power. So the wolf spoke, you are like your father...should you succeed, you will be greater than him by far... the wolf leapt at him, and he wrestled it on the ground. He realized that it was an actual wolf, and not a Worgen he fought against. Truly the Worgen are a perfect example of harmony between wolf an man...the reason men are overcome is because they try to fight the wolf, and not respect its wish to be free. Knowing what to do now, he let the wolf pin him down. At this, the wolf locked its gaze with his own. Now, at last, i can truly become all i can be... it spoke as it went to bite the human's throat. A terrifying, piercing howl echoed through White Fang's mind. The wolf retreated from the human, and curled up in the back part of their shared mind once more. Knowing this was not how it was supposed to be, the human went to the wolf, and placed his hand upon its head, just as the Dragon had done with him. The two spirits became one and the spirit within finally reflected the form without. White Fang had become a true Worgen. Opening his eyes, White Fang realized he was in human form once again. Looking up to the top of a nearby hill, he saw a white Worgen that looked just like him. Abruptly, it vanished into the wind. Transforming himself, White Fang found that it was no longer painful to change from form to form, and he realized what an advantage it could be in a fight. He would use both his forms to win; knowing his human form was no longer as weak as it had once been. Once more entering the port, the Worgen set sail for Gilneas, and the Sons of Goldrinn. It was time they learned to be one with the wolf as well.

Son of the Wilds...Edit

White Fang's arrival back in Gilneas was delayed. He recieved word that it was under attack from Forsaken, so the boat had to dock at Southshore, forcing White Fang to run all the way back. Having never been outside of the Silverpine forest before, he soon became lost. Deciding to trust the wolf's sense of direction, the more feral part of himself took over, leading him through the devastated nation that had once been Alterac. With a start, he realized Gilneas could very well look like Alterac if the Forsaken werent stopped, and so he ran faster. At least, he tried. Just as he left the snowy peaks, the world itself shook violently. Eventually, the land stopped shaking, but White Fang noticed the sky now had a greenish tint to it. Upon closer examination, the land itself looked different as well. The mountains, having once looked weathered and old now had sharp, unblemished peaks, there was a nearby river that hadnt been there before the earthquake. Confused, White Fang continued walking on, until he realized that the wolf within him was confused. Something was definately not right. A voice inside his head began to speak, Son of Goldrinn it began, you are destined for great things, but first, you must learn what is required to save your home... Getting annoyed with things talking inside his head, White Fang shouted at his surroundings, demanding the speaker to reveal himself. After a minute, the speaker did as he was asked. A massive four legged form appeared before him, melting out of the green taint. The creature looked half stag half elf, although no elf White Fang had ever heard of. Even more astonishing were the pair of Antlers atop the creature's head. Greetings Son of Goldrinn it spoke in a deep voice I am Zaetar, son of Cenarius, and i have come to teach you, son of Goldrinn, the ways of the Druid. White Fang payed attention now. The Druids were powerful spellcasters, at one with the very world itself. As you will no doubt soon discover young one, the world has been damaged greatly this day Zaetar continued, As a Druid, you must pass on what you learn to others. Members of the Cenarion Circle in Darnassus have already started teaching the other Worgen Druidism. Nodding his head, and bowing before the spirit, White Fang rumbled, "I accept..." and so his training began.

Return to Gilneas...Edit

White Fang, having mastered the basic arts of Druidism in only two weeks, now ran towards Gilneas clothed in fierce looking armor granted only to the highest of Archdruids. Or so Zaetar had said. Finally, the new Druid stood before the shattered Greymane Wall gate, and ran through. As soon as he entered his home again, he smelled something foul in the air, so he asked the air to blow it away. To his surprise, it did. Now running through his home, the wind blowing the foul air out of his way, he didnt notice the visible swathe of clean air following above him, cutting through the greenish tint. Meanwhile, in the Sons of Goldrinn's camp, the now abandoned Greymane Manor, a few Fang watchers saw the approaching clear air, and guessed correctly at what it meant. White Fang was back. The two sentries howled with joy, and throughtout the manor, the Worgen began to gather outside, watching the sky. The Fangs joined in the fierce howl, welcoming the rightful Alpha back to the pack. Shadow Claw, formerly Shadow Fang, however watched from the topmost window, red eyes narrowed in anger. Why did the bastard have to return now!? He thought A few more days and the Fangs would be matter. The plan will have to be put into action earlier than expected... With a snarl he turned to descend, and welcome his "brother" home.

Fang V.S. Claw...Edit

The sky around the Greymane Manor was now clear, and the other Gilnean Worgen who were heading for Night Elven lands wondered what was happening. Back in the keep, White Fang now stood before the gathered Worgen, looking almost holy in his Druidic garb. Shadow Claw stood at the top of the stairs, glaring down at the white wolf. White Fang climbed the stairs slowly, nearly choking on Shadow Fang's scent. Madness swirled around the Worgen, and a few other shady Worgen he couldnt remember being here before. His ears were high, warning his followers that something was about to happen. The Fangs began to tense in anticipation. White Fang placed a hand on Shadow Claws's shoulder and spoke, "My brother, it is good to see you again. I see the pack has grown since i left, i knew i left a trustworthy general in charge when i left." Shadow Claw gave a fake smile any idiot could see through and replied, "Yes White left us...and now you return dressed as a clown! Your no longer the alpha here Fang, the Claws rule Gilneas now..." Expecting that sort of retort, White Fang pulled a stick from his robe. Shadow Claw laughed at the stick as he drew a deadly looking dagger, and coughed blood as the stick shot through his abdomen, coming out his back and revealing a naturally sharpened end to it. Shadow Claw had managed to sink his dagger, no doubt tipped with poison, into White Fang's left shoulder, leaving the Druid to fight off the poison. As Shadow Claw fell to the floor, his followers leapt towards the injured White Fang, only to be stopped by the Fangs. The fighting paused when Night Fang, a minor Fang leader, and Blood Claw, the same rank as Night Fang, only for the Claws paused and agreed to a switch. The Claws would let the Fangs leave and tend to White Fang, and the Fangs would leave Shadow Claw's body for them to mourn. White Fang however, refused to let the body of the dark Worgen remain in obviously corrupt claws. He didnt need an undead Shadow Claw running around Gilneas. With a word of power that came out in a snarl, Shadow Claw's body was struck by lightning, smashing through the stainglass window, and began to burn. With a howl the fighting resumed, but White Fang had already asked the nearby trees to aid him. Enormous roots came in through the window as well, grabbing the Claws blocking the exit, and throwing them into their fellows. Exhausted, White Fang collapsed, and knew no more. Shadow Claw, slowly dying from blood loss and burning left the world as his adversary fell. He went to the beyond with satisfaction in knowing he had at least killed his enemy.

The Fangs...Edit

The Fangs retreated from Greymane manor, and headed to Gilneas, only to find the city covered in the Forsaken plague. They than decided to head for Keel Harbor, and tend to White Fang there. The harbor was nearly empty when they arrived, only a few Night Elves remained, no doubt to send any stragglers on to Darnassus. As the fiercesome Fangs approached on all fours however, the Night Elves wisely stayed out of their way. Once they saw the enormous White Fang lying on the backs of four Worgen, they offered their aid. Reluctantly, the Fangs let the elves tend to their leader, and slowly, they were able to remove the poison. A few days later, White Fang emerged from the 'hospital' he had been kept in, with his arms around the elves in a friendly manner. The wiser of the two elves had offered to enter White Fang's mind, and try to find out who he was in his subconscious. White Fang had agreed, and it turned out that Alexander Maralain, raised in the small village of Stormglen, had been a sort of ambassador with outsiders, and a useful friend to King Greymane as well. The kind elf had done something to White Fang's memory, allowing him to recall everything. Not all of the outsiders who came to Gilneas had been Alliance-friendly of course, but they had left peacefully enough when Gilneas declined to ally itself with the Horde. More importantly, White Fang now remembered the night he was bitten, and was now even more curious about the Worgen who had done it. He remembed the beast as being pure white, with fierce yellow eyes, exactly like the strange one he had seen in Northrend. Sadly, his elven friend, Kel'aran had been unable to uncover any memory of White Fang's parents, leaving the Worgen to wonder about their identity. White Fang was broken out of his reverie when Night Fang warned him that the plague mist, now being spread everywhere throughout Gilneas by the Forsaken, was fast approaching the harbor. Half wanting to retreat and let the plague consume the Claws, he couldnt consciously let them all die, or become Forsaken themselves, so White Fang called upon the winds, less tainted in western Gilneas, to blow away the plague in full force. Hurricane force winds tore through the area within the Greymane Wall, sending the plague back into the Horde held lands, filled with Forsaken. Now they would recieve a taste of their own weapons. Although the plague was now gone, signs of the Forsaken's favored weapon still remained, almost all of the natural wildlife in eastern Gilneas had been turned into fiercesome beasts, that now terrorized the few stubborn farmers who had refused to leave their lives behind. White Fang, who had moved the Fangs into Gilneas City, had set up their permanent headquarters within the Chapel. Slowly, over a few months, the Fangs drove the undead creatures into the depths of the Emberstone Mine, and the wood known as the Blackwald. Stormglen, also Fang-controlled territory, was under constant attack from these undead, but they werent that strong individually, so the Fangs sent their inexperienced there to run wild in the Blackwald, slaying to their hearts content until they merged with the wolf within, or became mad. One day, while securing more territory for the Fangs, White Fang saw something on all fours, and completely white in the forest. Transforming and running after it, the outline he saw looked strangely like that of a cat. He howled, telling his pack members he was on the hunt for possible dinner, when the white cat stop abruptly and turned to White Fang. The Worgen took a closer look at the cat, and saw that he looked almost ghostly, like Zaetar had, but he knew he wasnt in the Dream. Without warning, and blinding speed, the cat jumped into the Worgen Druid, merging with the human within. With a thought, his Worgen form became cat like. Once his transformation was complete, he realized that he could smell things a lot better, like prey, but his eyesight wasnt nearly as good as his Worgen form's. Blending into the shadows as he sometimes did in his Worgen form, White Fang prowled the woods, following the scent of what he hoped was a deer. He was rewarded with a giant Stag, and with a growl that became a howl as he resumed his Worgen form, he knew the Fangs would eat well tonight.

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